Board Council Meeting Events

Council Meeting Agenda Prague 17.-19.11.2017


Česká pirátská strana, Řehořova 943/19, Praha 3, Czech Republik


Opening of the PPEU council meeting (13:00h)

1. Appoint

– 1 chairperson

– 2 secretaries

– 2 vote counters

2. Establishing quorum

3. Adopt rules of procedure & agenda

4. Motion regarding voting rights

Motion by PPDE: the council shall disregard Art. 13 (6), (8) until the time a secured payment of membership fees is possible. All due membership fees are prolonged until the previous condition is fullfiled.

Art. 13 (6) Member parties who do not meet their financial commitments will lose  all voting and speaking rights within the organs and bodies of the association as well as their right to propose candidates for positions within the association, until they have paid off their arrears. A list outlining the current Membership Fees’ situation will be distributed at each Council meeting by the Treasurer.

Art. 13 (8) If a Member Party did not pay their due membership fee for two  consecutive years until the first Council meeting of the second year, they are deemed to have left the Association by resignation automatically.

5. New members presentation & admission

5a) Ordinary Member

Pirates FVG was first founded in 2011 and re-founded in 24 novembre 2016.

5b) Observer Member

Pirates FVG was first founded in 2011 and re-founded in 24 novembre 2016.


6. Admission of new candidates for the board according to Art. 17 (7)

7. Report be the Board of PPEU

8. Discussion & vote – Future of the organisation

9. Discussion & vote – Statutes amendments

Proposal 1: Move to Luxembourg


Proposal 2: Move to Luxembourg plus more


19.11.2017 – SUNDAY

Remaining items from Saturday, if there are any (10:00h)

10. Approval of accounts and reports

11. Board elections

  • Chairman
  • 2 Vice-Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • up to five Member of the Board
12. Motions not concerning the council meeting itself
13. Voting tools
14. Other items

Agenda: //

Candidates: //

Statutes: //


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