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First meetings for PPEU statutes and organization and common program

Dear Pirates,

The Prague declaration on cooperation between European Pirate Parties provides two concrete goals:

A) to have a common election program included in the individual programs of the respective parties (§ II.)
B) to establish a political party at European level (§ IV.)

Both tasks require a lot of energy, ressources and time, so let’s start now to work on them! For this purpose two seperate mailinglists were created to coordinate the tasks:

A) pp-eu.programme
B) pp-eu.statutes

In addition regular meetings are held to work on the seperate tasks. The first meetings will be

A) Mai 15th 21:30 CET
B) Mai 17th 20:00 CET

We will meet in Mumble server (Port 64738) in the channel “International > PPEU”.

In these meetings we will discuss only the respective topics, that means in A) we will not discuss the structure of PPEU f.ex. Also please bear in mind that these first meetings will be mainly about “how” we will work for the next few months and not already about detailled discussions of the topic itself. To avoid repeating arguments and discussing what has already been discussed please refer to // and read through the blogposts in preparation for the meetings.

We will prepare a proposal for an agenda and share it a few days before both meetings so everyone can contribute. Please subscribe yourself to the respective mailinglists to receive these announcements.

We hope a lot of you will participate – only together we can realize our ambitious goals!



The Prague declaration

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