PPEU goes CEP 2019

Since the end of 2015, the PPEU members have met up to exchange their views on major issues concerning the whole of Europe. The national perspectives of certain problems are discussed while aiming for a common position. This should eventually lead to a common manifesto for the European elections of 2019.

This is similar to the successful process that took place in advance of the elections to the European Parliament in 2014.

This process offers us the opportunity to find where we can co-ordinate our campaigns where we agree and through healthy discussion find a mutually beneficial way forward in areas we currently disagree.

By establishing the PPEU, our procedure has simplified, in part due to the relationships between the different Pirate Parties strengthening.

The appointment series carrying the headline “Let’s talk” or “We need to talk” is still currently irregular but remains geared to the current needs of the members.

We have already passed the following milestones:

27.11.2015 – initial meeting (hosted by PP-DE)

20.01.2016 – Refugees 1st part (hosted by PP-DE)


03.02.2016 – Refugees Part 2 (hosted by PP-DE)


17.02.2016 – Economy 1st part (hosted by PP-CZ)

02.03.2016 – Migration (hosted by PP-DE)
postponed due to technical problems.

The next events will take place on:

23.03.2016 20:00h CET – TTIP (hosted by PP-IT)
18.05.2016 20:00h CEST – Economy Part 2


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