Agriculture & Fisheries

Disclaimer: this is the Common European Election Programme that was adopted by the European Pirate Party for the 2019 elections, and currently guiding the work of the Pirate Delegation in the European Parliament. An updated Programme for the 2024 elections has been drafted, and is currently in the process of ratification. The draft can be found here.

Towards a Sustainable Europe

As we are part of nature our quality of life depends on natural resources like unpolluted water, air, soil and food at our homes. We achieve a sustainable and healthy food production for all, now and tomorrow. We advocate a strong role of the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development, provided that lessons are learnt from past mistakes in EU agricultural policies. It is their duty in order to protect our natural resources and change nature’s exploitation into nature prospering.

Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)

We want a CAP that supports natural and cultural diversity. We are convinced that multiplicity of food production which is locally adapted and in the hands of many independent and self-determined actors will grant food safety and quality of life in the countryside and cities as well. The CAP must provide the frame which stipulates equal rights, opportunities and commitments.

The role of subsidies in European agricultural politics must change towards a greater focus on diversity and equality. Financial support must be granted according to sustainability criteria.

Aspects of Land Use

As land is becoming a limited resource, Pirates demand the following:

  • Property of land shall be more committed to social and natural welfare.
  • To enhance resilience, Pirates want to preserve and develop small scale farming and subsistence agriculture.
  • Urban and suburban agriculture and gardening need to be encouraged to reduce transport, supply nutrition, spread knowledge, satisfy human needs.

Using Biological Diversity

The Pirates support:

  • The baseline ‘no patents on life’ must be strictly realized.
  • Exports of a European surplus food products into third countries must be reassessed, if they may damage the markets for local food.
  • In trade agreements with third countries, the EU shall avoid unfair trade practices based on its trade power.
  • Fishing quotas must be adjusted according to the scientifically evident sustainability.
  • The European programme to combat illegal fisheries must be strengthened.
  • We want farmers to crop in smaller fields without heavy machinery.
  • The soil bonification based on the organic matter level and water holding capacity should be established.

Use of technology and digital solutions

Pirates will work towards these goals:

  • The EU shall establish the frame for open access to digital applications and open interfaces.
  • Publicly funded data on, for example, climate, weather, soil, and water must be easily accessible for the public. The EU must ensure that any such datasets which have been obtained by using proprietary technologies will not pass into private hands.