What’s next


The newly elected board would like to express our appreciation for your trust and participation at the first council meeting. The debates and discussions we had were honest and during those two days a lot of things that needed to be said were said and heard.

But now it is time for action and new winds in the sails of all Pirate Parties across Europe!

So, in the past 10 days we’ve been busy:

1. planning of the next online general assembly

As decided on the PPEU council meeting in July 2015, the Board must arrange an online council meeting so that the council can change the statutes. We are now in the process of establishing the needed infrastructure and the rules of procedure. More information will follow soon, but we can already say that you should mark your calendars in the beginning of October.

2. coordinating the drafts of the statutes changes

We want to make sure that there will be enough time and effort put into statutes and that all council members will have the opportunity to be involved in the process of making the statutes as best as we possibly can. For that reason right after the council meeting in Brussels a special working group has been given the responsibility of oversight for this task; mapping out the outline (see important dates below), going through current proposals and gathering new proposals and communicating that with council members. The first version of the proposed changes is public for review and can be found here.

We kindly invite you to contact Mab with your inputs and suggestions.

  • 30.7. first version is out!
  • 14.8. deadline for the input on statutes
  • 19.8. second version of statutes (will be put on web)
  • 24.8. deadline for the input on statutes
  • 28.8. statutes sent to board for approval
  • 30.8. board sends statute proposals to members

3. administrative work

We’ve had a meeting with the previous board’s members and we had done all the necessary paperwork so the transition is complete. We were also given the access to the PPEU’s website, its social media and other digital assets.

Wiki to our previous board meeting.


Best wishes,

PPEU Board

New board elected

A new board was elected at the 1st Council Meeting of the European Pirates that took place last 17th and 18th of July.

Smári McCarthy (Pirate Party of Iceland) became the new chairperson.


Muriel Rovira Esteva (Pirates of Catalonia) and Tale Haukbjørk Østrådal (Pirate Party of Norway) were elected as vice-chairpersons, Sven Clement (Pirate Party of Luxembourg) as treasurer, and Antonios Motakis (Pirate Party of Greece), Mikuláš Peksa (Czech Pirate Party), Mattias Bjärnemalm (Pirate Party of Sweden), and Nina Konvalinka (Pirate Party of Slovenia) as board members without appointed office.


The newly elected Board members are looking forward to working with pirates from all over Europe.

Membership fees, delegates and votes

As we mentioned here, ordinary members of the European Pirate Party can send delegates to the council meeting so that they can vote, provided they are up to date on their membership fees. But what does this mean? Well, it’s all there in the statutes, especially Art. 13 and 15, but for the sake of transparency and ease of use, we’ve compiled it for you.

You’ll find you respective amount of delegates, votes and membership fee here. As you’ll notice, the fees for both 2014 and 2015 have to be paid in order for your party to enjoy full rights within the organisation.

Please note though, that the following parts of the statutes apply:

Art. 13

(7) Members must pay their annual contribution between the first of January and the date of the annual Council meeting. On request of the concerned Ordinary Member party the Council may allow them under special circumstances with a 2/3-majority of the votes cast to delay their annual contribution for up to one year or relieve them of the payment or a part of it. The member party concerned may not vote on such a decision.

(8) If a Member Party did not pay their due membership fee for two consecutive years until the first Council meeting of the second year, they are deemed to have left the Association by resignation automatically.


Art. 15

(10) Any Ordinary member may also choose to use the lower result for the allocating of votes and delegates. Any Ordinary Member may also forgo additional or supplementary votes deliberately which will also lower their membership fee.

The account of the organisation is:

European Pirate Party
IBAN: BE50 5230 8073 7118

Internet Banking Screenshot

In case you should need this for the transfer, please remember the address of the association is 47A Rue Gerard, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium

The currency is the euro. Please mention “membership fee for 2014 and 2015” as well as the name of your party in the communication attached to the draft.

You can reach  the Board at pp-eu.board@lists.pp-international.net or, for privacy-sensitive matters, at pp-eu.board.private@lists.pp-international.net. Practical questions regarding the council meeting should be addressed to Mattias Bjärnemalm.
With kind pirate greetings,

the Board of the European Pirate Party

Invitation to the European Pirate party first Council meeting of 2017

The following email has been sent to all the members of the European pirate party, and is reposted here for convenience.


Dear Members,

After more than one year of delay the board invites our members to participate in a Council Meeting. The meeting will be held online and it will take place from the 25th of May to the 15th of June to give all members a reasonable amount of time to go online and participate in the discussions and votings. Preceding the formal meeting there is an additional month of preparation where you will be able to look at and discuss the proposals and to appoint your Council delegates.

What we need from you for you to be able to participate in the meeting?
To  be able to be represented at the Council meeting you need to send us a  formal decision where you apoint your delegates. This should be a  decision taken by your board, General Assembly or a body of equal relevance according to your statutes, and it should be documented in a way that allows us to verify the authenticity of the decision. The decision has to include the names of the delegates, in which order the delegates have voting rights, and for which time frame the appointment  as delegate is valid. The number of delegates any member is entitled to  is defined in the statutes, and you can find the exact numbers here: http://ppeu.net/wiki/doku.php?id=1st_council_meeting_2015%3Adelegates. We also need you to send us the email addresses of your delegates so that we can invite them to the online platform where they will be able  to discuss the proposals before the actual meeting starts. We would encourage you to apoint your delegates for the duration of the full year to allow them to represent you for any further council meetings that might happen this year without the need for a new decision, but this is entirely up to you.

Election of the Board
As is it written in the statues, the Council meeting is suppossed to elect a new Board. All the council members are kindly invited to nominate candidates for the offices. All nominations must specify the particular post for which the candidate is being proposed (i.e. Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer or a Board Member without a special function). Each Ordinary  Member may nominate and support several candidates. All nominations need to be sent in no later than one month before the meeting in accordance to the statutes. This means that the deadline for nominations is 25th of April 2017.

The proposed statute changes
Our  working group on the statutes decided early on to do two versions of  the new statutes; one slim version with only the minimal changes required to move the association to Luxembourg and one more comprehensive version with the purpose of streamlining the organization and removing defunct paragraphs or unnecessary repetitions. The Council will then have to  decide on which one of the two versions that the board has proposed it  will proceed with. The slim version will be found here. The comprehensive version can be found here. All the Council members are kindly invited to propose their own proposals for statues changes.

This is the draft agenda for the meeting:

  • Deadline for nominations for the Board (25th of April)
  • Deadline for statutes changes or other proposals (25th of April)
  • Opening of the meeting (25th of May)
  • Rules of procedure (25th-28th of May)
  • Decision on changes of statutes (29th of May until 5th of June)
  • Election of board (6th to 8th of June)
  • Membership fee (9th-12th of June)
  • Admission of new members (13th-14th of June)
    [Friuli Venezia Giulia Pirates haver resquested full membership to European Pirates, or observer member, if it does not pass.]
  • * Closing of the meeting (15th of June)

Best regards,

The Board

Invitation to the 1st Annual PPEU Council Meeting Brussels 17/18 July 2015

Dear European Pirates,

The Board for the European Pirate Party would like to invite you to the very first council meeting in the history of our organization. This meeting will be held in Brussels on July 17 and 18 2015. The council meeting is the equivalent of the General Assembly for the organization, and at the meeting we will among other things elect a new board, decide on the admittance of observer members and have a discussion on the future direction for our organization. A draft agenda will be sent out with a second invitation one month before the meeting.

Everybody welcome

Every ordinary member party who are up to date in their membership fee payments are eligible to send delegates to vote at the Council meeting. The number of delegates any member can send to the Council meeting is regulated in the statutes. We will shortly publish instructions on how to pay the membership fees. Delegates from members who’ve fulfilled their membership fee obligations will be able to participate in the council meeting free of charge, and there will also be possibilities to apply for travel reimbursement and accommodation if you are a delegate.
Other pirates and interested persons are also very welcome to join as guests at the Council meeting. For these persons there will be an attendance fee of 30 Euro for the event, to cover the costs. In exchange, nice food will be served.


To register for the conference please send an email to Mattias Bjärnemalm and put the Board in CC. In the email you should include name, if you are a delegate from a party and any food preferences you might have.
If you are a delegate from an ordinary member party and you want travel and accommodation reimbursement you need to register before the 17th of June and include the following information in the email:
  • Full name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Nationality,
  • Type of ID used during your stay (ID/passport)
  • Registration number of that ID
  • Full address of the place of residence,
  • Phone number and email where you can be reached,
You also need to attach a copy of the decision to appoint you delegate for your party (a link to minutes accessible on-line would also do). 
You should also take into consideration that you will need to be present 10:30 at the European Parliament on the 17th of July for a short presentation of the European Parliament to be able to receive any travel reimbursement. Failure to send any of the information listed above before 17th of June or to show up for the presentation will unfortunately make it impossible for us to reimburse your travel. You can still come as a delegate, though.

Proposing candidates for the board and putting forth proposals to the Council meeting

All ordinary members who have fulfilled their member obligations as per art. 7 of the statutes can put forth candidates to the board of the European Pirate Party and submit items for the agenda of the Council meeting. Please note that the deadline for board nominations and proposals for statutes changes are 16th of June.
You can reach  the Board at pp-eu.board@lists.pp-international.net or, for privacy-sensitive matters, at pp-eu.board.private@lists.pp-international.net. Practical questions regarding the event should be addressed to Mattias Bjärnemalm.
Kind regards,

the Board of the European Pirate Party

Save the date! 1st council meeting of PP-EU on July 17-18

On July 17-18 2015, the 1st Council Meeting in the history of PP-EU will be held in Brussels.

If you’re looking forward to come and join us, put the date in your calendar. If you are an ordinary member, you should start discussing your nomination process for your delegates.

An official invitation with further details will be put on-line shortly.

See you soon!

PPEU goes Luxembourg

On Sept. 4th, 2013 the Pirateparty of Luxembourg will host the next conference of European pirate parties to finalize the foundation process.

Warsaw Declaration of the European Pirate Party – Letter of Intent

We, the undersigning European Pirates,

realizing the need for a new political party in Europe,

affirming the declaration of Prague,
affirming the declaration of Paris,

taking into account the negotiations at the Barcelona conference,
taking into account the negotiations at the Manchester conference,
taking into account the negotiations at the Paris conference,
taking into account the negotiations at the Warsaw conference,

noting the results of the meeting in Aarau,
noting the results of the meeting in Potsdam,
noting the results of the meeting in Rome,
noting the results of the meeting in Zagreb,
noting the results of the meeting in Kiev,
noting the results of countless online meetings,

Declare negotiation process for the foundation of the European Pirate Party as complete,

Agree on the overall details of the structure of the statutes for the organization as was decided on the said conferences and meetings,

State our commitment to the Manifesto as agreed upon at the Warsaw conference,

Declare our intent to join the European Pirate Party, with regard to the ratification process that is set by individual Parties,

Agree to convene in Luxembourg to lay the foundation of the European Pirate Party by formally adopting statutes and Manifesto,

Invite other Pirates Parties of Europe to join us in the foundation of the European Pirate Party.

[ https://eu.piratenpad.de/warsaw-2013-manifesto-revised ]

Update: Video of European Pirate Party – Signing Ceremony

PPEU goes Barcelona

On Sept. 1st / 2nd the Pirates de Catalunya will host the first conference of European pirate parties solely dedicated to the objective of agreeing on draft statutes for the European Pirates, the organization that is to coordinate the policies and electoral campaigns of the pirate movement across Europe.

Over 40 delegates from more than 15 countries all over Europe will attend the conference. It will be of vital importance for the founding of the European Pirate Party early 2013. Core topics include details of structure, membership, and decision making which have been prepared in regular online conferences during the previous months.

The working sessions will take place throughout the weekend on the Citilab premises in Cornellà. Afterwards a series of talks is going to attract public interest in the heart of Barcelona’s centre on Sunday afternoon organized by Pirates de Catalunya:


Birgitta Jónsdóttir: Member of the Icelandic Parliament. Activist and spokesperson for various groups, among them Wikileaks and the International Modern Media Institute. Proponent of the Freedom of Information Act passed in June 2010 and a founding member of the Icelandic Pirate Party. Jónsdóttir will discuss the Icelandic Revolution, the current situation faced by Wikileaks and Julian Assange and what led some of those involved in Iceland’s movement to establish an Icelandic Pirate Party.

Aleks Lessmann: Political director of PP Bavaria and one of the foreign policy leaders of the Pirate Party of Germany, which currently holds 45 state parliament seats and 163 city/municipal council seats, Lessmann will present the German pirates’ vision for Europe. After climbing to 14% in the polls, the Piratenpartei is working towards bringing civic participation to the European elections as well.

Josep Jover: Lawyer and coordinator of the legal group for the 15M movement. He defeated the SGAE (the Spanish MPAA and RIAA) in court, having Spain’s private copying levy declared illegal in October 2010, and had its leadership arrested on corruption charges a year and a half later. He was also the Catalan Pirate candidate in the Spanish general elections. Jover will talk about international cooperation on the European level to protect the rights of citizens of the European Union.

Muriel from pirata.cat / Krishna


First meetings for PPEU statutes and organization and common program

Dear Pirates,

The Prague declaration on cooperation between European Pirate Parties provides two concrete goals:

A) to have a common election program included in the individual programs of the respective parties (§ II.)
B) to establish a political party at European level (§ IV.)

Both tasks require a lot of energy, ressources and time, so let’s start now to work on them! For this purpose two seperate mailinglists were created to coordinate the tasks:

A) pp-eu.programme
B) pp-eu.statutes

In addition regular meetings are held to work on the seperate tasks. The first meetings will be

A) Mai 15th 21:30 CET
B) Mai 17th 20:00 CET

We will meet in Mumble server mumble.piratenpartei-nrw.de (Port 64738) in the channel “International > PPEU”.

In these meetings we will discuss only the respective topics, that means in A) we will not discuss the structure of PPEU f.ex. Also please bear in mind that these first meetings will be mainly about “how” we will work for the next few months and not already about detailled discussions of the topic itself. To avoid repeating arguments and discussing what has already been discussed please refer to //ppeu.net/ and read through the blogposts in preparation for the meetings.

We will prepare a proposal for an agenda and share it a few days before both meetings so everyone can contribute. Please subscribe yourself to the respective mailinglists to receive these announcements.

We hope a lot of you will participate – only together we can realize our ambitious goals!



The Prague declaration