Who we are

The European Pirate Party

The European Pirate Party represents the Pirate movement towards the European institutions [1]. The European Pirates wants society to welcome and adjust to the digital revolution. We identify the digital revolution as a moment of total renewal of human societies. We therefore view the defence of the Internet as a common good and a public utility as one of our primary goals.

The European Pirate Party was officially founded on March 21st in Brussels, in the European Parliament. Chairperson of the first elected board is Swedish Pirate MEP Amelia Andersdotter. Co-vicechairpersons are Martina Pöser from Germany and Maxime Rouquet from France.

The European Pirate Party has given itself a manifesto which it highlights its ideals [2]: high civil rights standards, better ways for citizens to participate in democracy, transparent institutions, a modern legal frame for copyright and patents for for the 21st century and a neutral network infrastructure that keeps individuals on level ground with mutlinational corporations.

To achieve this goal, the founding members of the European Pirate Party, the Pirate Parties of Europe, have given themselves a common election platform for the European election [3] in May 2014. With a strong sense of freedom, bottom-up democracy and the knowledge that the information society has yet to be shaped for the benefit of all, the European Pirates are ready to take on the European challenge.