Archive: Interviews with Candidates

Please find here short 10-15 minute audio/video interviews by previous candidates and Members of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party. The whole playlist can be also found here.

Watch the first interview with Julia Reda, previous member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party in Germany:





Get to know Pirate Party Sweden #1 – Mattias Bjärnemalm:





What is thinking the Czech Pirate Party #2 and the chairperson of the PPEU, Markéta Gregorová?



Get to know the Czech Pirate Party#1 – Marcel Kolaja.



Czech Pirate Party#3 Mikuláš Peksa is a member of the Czech parliament and a vice-chairperson of the Czech Pirate Party and the European Pirate Party.





Pirate Party Sweden#2 – Katarina Stensson is a vice-chairperson of the oldest Pirate party, founder and CEO of a start-up with digital education focused on developing countries.


Pirate Party Sweden#3 – Magnus Andersson is the chairperson of the Swedish Pirate Party since 2016 and number three on their candidate list.


Get to know Pirate Party France#1 Florie Marie:


Pirate Party Germany#1 – Patrick Breyer, an IT specialist and a fighter for our online irghts talks about the Copyright Directive and EP elections.


Who is Pirate Party France#2? Cédric Levieux, alternate board member of the Pirate Parties International, software architect and author of Congressus, democracy on construction and meeting web application.





Get to know Pirate Party France’s two candidates – Sabrina Grimaldi (#3) & Pierre Beyssac (#4)





Do you know Pirate Party Catalonia‘s candidate number #2, Muriel Rovira Esteva? One of the founding forces behind the European Pirate Party and its vice-chairperson in 2015 to 2017, experimental physicist and activist. Listen to know more!


Pirate Party Italy‘s #2 – Cristina Diana Bergu dreams of creating networks and bridges between information bubbles and challenging artificial contradictions with the creativity of fluid alternatives. Hear more on the podcast!





Petrus Pennanen is the chairperson of the Finnish Pirates, a city councilor of Helsinki and Pirate Party Finland candidate. Listen to what he has to say about the second oldest Pirate party – and as a bonus, watch the Finnish promotional clip here!




Interviewers: Rico Brouwer, Raymond Johansen, Bailey Lamon
Pirate Parties International,