Foreign Affairs

General Principles

Pirates build on the fundamental values of democratic decision-making, non-discriminatory protection of human rights around the world, and the free dissemination of information, together with freedom of the Internet. We support everyone’s right to participate in public and political life and to free and fair elections, and we reject foreign interference in other countries’ elections.

The cornerstone of our foreign policy is an orientation towards like-minded democracies and alliances in the Euro-Atlantic area, emphasising membership in the European Union.

The Pirates want to establish and develop relationships with democratic partners everywhere in the world and support democracy and cooperation as a source of sustainable peace in the world. We prefer cooperation over pursuing our own interests.

We must defend the Internet as a means of freely sharing and obtaining information about the real world and as a tool for fostering human connection.

The Pirates strive for environmental sustainability in accordance with international agreements, given the current global demographic and economic development.


European Politics

The Pirates support the active role of the EU to promote peace and stability in the world, as well as the deepening of the common security and defence policy. We promote changes leading to strengthening the elements of direct democracy and want to improve the transparency and democratic control of EU institutions.

The Pirates want to strengthen the role of the European Parliament, as the only directly elected EU institution, in decision-making on EU political matters. We welcome the outcome of the Conference on the Future of Europe and favour its full implementation. We support the effort to acquire a right for the European Parliament to propose legislation, allowing it to act as a true legislative body. The Pirates seek to replace the current unanimous voting in the Council of the EU by introducing qualified majority voting, especially in foreign and tax policies and matters related to the common budget. Vetoes by national states seriously undermine the EU’s ability to react swiftly and effectively to international challenges and threats.

Decisions that can be better dealt with at the national, regional, or local level should not be taken at the EU level. Equal and easy access to true and non-misleading information for all citizens is a fundamental prerequisite for legitimate democratic decision-making.

The EU needs a functional and jointly implemented policy in a number of areas. The EU and its member states must support education, science and research more. In the EU, the Pirates want to defend the free movement of people, goods, services and information and minimize bureaucracy and centralization. We consider the promotion of digital freedoms to be at the heart of Pirate policy at the European level.

The Pirates support the enlargement of the European Union by other states that meet the conditions and criteria for entry. The EU should foster deeper relationships with countries interested in joining through increased economic, political, and cultural cooperation.


International Affairs

The Pirates seek to reduce the financing of authoritarian regimes through mutual trade and fight against trade linked to human rights abuses and forced and child labour.

We aim to solve global environmental problems and disasters together at the international level. We reject multilateral international treaties that enforce dysfunctional monopolies and patents at the expense of civil rights and human freedom. We will advocate for the revision of international conventions, which have only negative consequences and are only upheld for historical reasons.

The Pirates consider multinational corporations to be part of the international security environment and will hold them accountable for the impact of their actions on the world’s security situation.

The European Union should be a political actor protecting European and international whistleblowers. They should be able to benefit from the right to political asylum in the EU.

The Pirates want to pay special attention to stabilising conflict outbreaks and fragile states, as their instability is a source of problems for the entire international community. Conflict resolution has to be based on respect for international law.