Today’s European Union (EU) as a supranational institution is a project of its member states rather than its citizens. Pirates believe that Europe should be organised to serve the common interests of all European citizens, as well as the interests of member states.

Pirates in the European Union have adopted this election programme and strive together to make our vision for the Union a reality.

The democratic deficit within the European Union has existed since its formation and has not been sufficiently addressed during the integration process.

An essential goal of all Pirates is to build a solid democratic foundation for the Union. To achieve that goal, it is crucial to ensure that political processes are more citizen-friendly. Together we must encourage the development of a common European space for culture, politics, and civil society to protect the rich and diverse cultures within the Union.

The EU must live up to its own principles on subsidiarity. Decisions should not be taken on the EU level if they can be better resolved on the national, regional, or local levels. Equal and easy access to communication and an informed citizenry are essential requirements in legitimate democratic decision-making. Political decisions at the European level need to be preceded by Europe-wide debate and allow for the adequate participation of all.

Pirates strongly believe that all people must have the right to fair and equal treatment. Society must respect the rights of minorities. We will stand against discrimination of any kind and oppose movements that act against human rights.

The Internet as a medium of communication offers tremendous opportunities for political development, overcoming top-down, one-way communication. Pirates will therefore defend the freedom of the Internet with fierce determination at the European level and on a global scale.