Defense Policy & Cybersecurity

The European Union must be empowered to defend its security interests and, in doing so, make a greater contribution to global security. The EU must articulate common guidelines and build the necessary capabilities to achieve this. Any need for military autonomy of Member States should not be misused to harm the common European spirit of cooperation. The Pirates support the integration of currently separate national armed forces, with the long-term goal of creating a joint European army under sufficient democratic control.

Our goal is stabilising fragile states and mitigating conflict outbreaks, as this instability is a security issue for the entire international community. Due to the increasingly unstable global security landscape, the Pirates support a capable domestic defence industry. This goes hand in hand with efforts for better information sharing on arms export licence decisions and denials, to ensure a coherent EU arms export policy and increased support for countries that share the core values of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.​​​​​​​ The Pirates follow an interdisciplinary approach, considering multiple perspectives on countering hybrid threats and adjusting to disruptive geopolitical shifts. We aim to strengthen European resilience against current and future threats of hybrid warfare, disinformation, cyber-attacks, and economic coercion. Our present dependencies on fragile and often hostile authoritarian nations in energy supply, critical raw materials, and general supply chains must be sustainably reduced. Pirates want clear and transparent criteria and selection procedures for assessing suppliers and their compliance with international law and human rights.

Pirates reject the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and support the reduction of global arsenals of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Pirates support initiatives to ban the use of lethal autonomous weapon systems in kinetic and digital warfare while preserving our European capacity to research and develop emerging technologies.