Board Meeting on January, 8th

The next meeting of the new board will be held on January, 8th 20.00h CET on Mumble, Link: Piratenpartei NRW [1].

Draft Agenda: //

Maybe it will be streamed by @PiratesOnAir (on Board’s decision) also.

Guests are very welcome.

[1] Mumble is a voice conference software. To participate in Mumble, software must be installed and microphone and speakers on the computer are required.

A description of the installation and where to download the software can be found there.

8 comments on “Board Meeting on January, 8th

  1. Hi all and happy new year !

    Yes, some of you need to fix their microphone, anyway thanks for using mumble.
    Speacking in english is NOT “fine”, speaking in esperanto will be more appreciate.

    In any cases you really have to evaluate gain/loss of being used by facebook insted of promoting ethique solution.

    As you already know, if you want to keep more than 1 MEP, all you have to do is to share those 2 links :

    // +

    Share it NOW or start crying for the next 40 years.

  2. It seems one link is missing, is it this one // ?

    If some of YOU are too busy to clic a link, i copy/past the text here :

    I am writing regarding the upcoming debate at the JURI Committee of the European Commission’s Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive.

    As my representative, I am asking you to pressure your party’s colleagues on the JURI committee to speak out against Article 11 and Article 13 of the Commission’s proposals,which amount to Internet censorship, and in favour of amendments 95 and 101, which would reverse these innovation and free expression stifling proposals.

    Over 120,000 Internet users have said no to these terrible proposals in the Commission’s plan, and we are all watching closely. You have an opportunity to ensure this law works for your constituents.

    Here are some reasons to speak up in favour of a functioning Internet:

    -Article 11, the new right for press publishers, will seriously harm how we can all share and access news online.
    -As experts point out, Article 11 amounts to a Link Tax because it empowers publishers to charge fees simply for sharing the snippets of text that accompany hyperlinks
    -Recently 60 prominent academics unanimously slammed this proposal.
    -New EU digital startups which will never be able to get off the ground if forced to pay fees to share links.
    -The public and experts agree the link tax is bad. It would be undemocratic and unjustified to keep pushing it forward.
    Article 13, will force online platforms to surveil their users’ behavior and create technology to preemptively censor uploads that might be copyright infringement. It will drastically censor online creativity.
    -It is against the European Charter of Fundamental rights, which protects our privacy.
    -This will entrench the dominance of a few big players on the web — only the biggest sites and media groups will be able to afford to build and implement these tools.

    The Commission completely ignored public feedback on this. As an EU citizen, I want you as my MEP to stand up for me.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    With regards,

  3. Easy, but who is supposed to send/recieve the letter // ?
    Give me name, give me adresse…

  4. Email of Pirate Party of Italy is wrong: the correct one is info[at]
    Website: //

  5. Thanks, fixed.

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