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Copywriter/Social Media trainee for Pirate MEP and VP of the European Parliament

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Marcel Kolaja, Pirate MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, is looking for a reliable trainee in Czechia or in his Brussels office who can help with copywriting and management of social networks. As a trainee, you will be called upon to perform a multitude of tasks including:

  • Drafting/copywriting text for social networks (largely on Facebook and Twitter), mainly about the Internet freedom, the Digital Services Act, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, Free and Open Source Software, interoperability, media independence, and European and Czech politics;
  • Helping to communicate with people via social networks;
  • Looking for interesting topics in society and media outlets, which are worth commenting.

We expect:

  • A student or a graduate of at least one of the following: European studies, Political Sciences, International relations, Media Studies, Journalism, Law, IT, or any other field, if you are heavily interested in Czech and European politics :);
  • Fluent in Czech and English (CEFR C1 at minimum in written form);
  • Experience with copywriting is an asset;
  • Flexibility, reliability, loyalty, and proactive and professional approach to work;
  • Passion for Open Source Software and other open technologies is asset as well;
  • Enthusiasm for work in an international team.

We offer:

  • Part-time traineeship (around 20 to 25 hours per week, mostly spontaneously, because it is the nature of the job);
  • You will become a trainee for 5 months with a possibility of extension for a period of up to additional 4 months;
  • Salary based on experience and in accordance with Parliamentary regulation;
  • Work in the new and dynamic political party with possibility to participate in a meaningful and transparent policy.

Place of work: You will work in Czechia or in Brussels (depending on your preference), with the team located in Brussels/Strasbourg and in Prague. The office in Prague will be available for you; however, you can also work remotely.

Requirements for selection:

The applicant shall send the necessary documentation by 27th September to Michaela Hnízdilová – with subject „Social media trainee“. The condition for being included in the selection procedure is to send: 1) a structured CV in English; 2) a cover letter explaining why you want to work in the European Parliament (100–200 words) and why we should choose you for the position; and 3) at least two social media posts for Facebook and Twitter in Czech and English on topics of Mr. Kolaja. Winner’s CV, cover letter, and social media posts may be published.

Preferred starting date: After approval by the MEP in October or November 2020.

The nomination team has the right to extend the deadline. The first round is done by evaluating the CV, motivation, previous experience, and drafted social media posts. The evaluation is carried out by an evaluation committee composed of representatives of MEP. Second round by personal interview.

Evaluation Criteria:

Position Requirements 40%

Knowledge of Pirate Program and Argumentation 15%

Overall impression 15%

Motivation 15%

Experience/Education 15%

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