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“Russia’s rampage in Ukraine knows no summer holidays”

Brussels, 29/08/2023 – On Wednesday, 30 August at 19.00, Pirate Party MEP Markéta Gregorová will open the unique exhibition ‘Fracture: Documents from Kharkiv’ at the Spinelli balcony area 1-G in the European Parliament, showcasing photographs depicting the consequences of the devastation of Ukraine by Russian troops. The exhibition aims at making European citizens recall the current reality the Ukrainian nation is facing.

“The sight of hundreds of recent photographic records of the Russian army’s rampage in Ukraine shocked me. I believe that reminders of the ongoing daily reality of the Ukrainian people under Russian aggression are particularly valuable in the summer months, which we tend to think of as ‘silly season’. The brave Ukrainians who put their lives on the line in defence of their country do not have any summer holidays this year either,” Pirate Party MEP Gregorová elaborates on the motives behind the exhibition, which will feature over 80 photographs.

The formal opening of the exhibition will take place in the European Parliament on Wednesday, August 30 at 19.00 and will be attended by representatives of both co-organizers, Team4Ukraine and Maidan Monitoring Information Center, who will present the stories of the photographs and the work of both organizations.

“To convey the ongoing tragedy of the Ukrainian people is the least we can do now. Knowing that their allies across European nations recognise their suffering, even at a time when it may seem that Russian aggression has been replaced by holiday coverage in the media, is an important signal that we are not forgetting them and that we are ready to continue helping to expel the Russian aggressor, punish the perpetrators of war crimes, and subsequently rebuild the country,” Gregorová concludes.

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