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Peksa: Luxembourg aims to “legalize” the personal use of cannabis

Luxembourg, Brussels, 27/10/2021 – Luxembourg will become the first country in Europe with a law legalizing homegrowing and consumption of cannabis. It remains clear that current prohibitive cannabis regulation does not stop people from using it. Therefore, Europe and the whole world should move in the direction of legalizing home growing and consumption at the very least. All in all, this development means that we are moving away from the black market and protecting citizens from illegal and dangerous behaviour. 

The legislation still needs to pass through the Luxembourg parliament. The vote is expected  next year. The law should take away power and money from dangerous organized crime groups. However, the Pirates in Luxembourg detect problematic parts of the new law:

“The Luxembourgish Pirates remain sceptical towards the announcement of home-grown cannabis legalisation, which seems to be used as a distraction to hide all the new law-and-order measures, which were presented at the same conference. Furthermore, one needs to emphasise that the new measure concerns a decorrectionalisation and not a legalisation of cannabis in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, we stay cautiously optimistic, since this decision is a first small step in the right direction,” says Sven Clement, Pirate member of the Luxembourgish parliament.

“Luxembourg is taking the first step in protecting individual liberties and a move towards more fact-based policy. This law is set to protect the citizens of Luxembourg from the black market and to give them more personal freedom inside their own homes,” adds Pirate MEP Mikuláš Peksa.

In Luxembourg, adults will be allowed to grow up to 4 plants at home. In addition, buying seeds from official government partners in shops and online will be possible as well. There should be no THC limit. Consumption and transportation of cannabis in public will remain illegal. However, the fines have been softened in the new legislation and transportation of less than 3g in public will be classified as a misdemeanour (low penalties).

“The world is evolving rapidly, and new research suggests that the current cannabis regulation is not only useless but outright harmful for European citizens. The UN accord on narcotic drugs signed over fifty years ago is not fit for the 21st century, and we will see many more states moving away from this outdated convention,” concludes Peksa.

By legalizing the growing and personal use of cannabis, Luxembourg joins Uruguay, Canada and 11 US states in disregarding the UN convention on the control of narcotic drugs, which limits the production and trade of cannabis only to scientific and medical purposes.

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