Pirate Party Catalonia – Muriel Rovira Esteva – EP2019

For the upcoming EU elections we will interview Pirate Party top candidates – and current Pirate member of the European Parliament, Julia Reda – in short 10-15 minute audio/video interviews (playlist here).

Get to know Pirate Party Catalonia#2 – Muriel Rovira Esteva:

Muriel Rovira Esteva is a scientist (experimental physicist) carrying out research in materials and nanotechnology. She has been a member of Pirates de Catalunya since 2011, where she has carried out different roles, among them Board Member and International Spokesperson. She was involved in the foundation of the European Pirates, in particular organising the 1st European Pirates Conference in 2012, where she was co-vicechairperson from 2015 to 2017. Activist for the fundamental rights and freedoms, citizen participation and access to information, she is one of the co-organisers of the Technological Sovereignity Conference, and one of the promoters of the Digital Empowerment Strategies for Municipalities initiative.

Interviewers: Rico Brouwer, Raymond Johansen, Bailey Lamon
Pirate Parties International,

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