Pirate Party France – Sabrina Grimaldi & Pierre Beyssac – EP2019

For the upcoming EU elections we will interview Pirate Party top candidates – and current Pirate member of the European Parliament, Julia Reda – in short 10-15 minute audio/video interviews (playlist here).

Get to know Pirate Party France’s candidates – Sabrina Grimaldi (#3) & Pierre Beyssac (#4):

Sabrina Grimaldi is a publisher. After studying French literature and Internet and audiovisual law, she worked in the press and audiovisual industry. In 2012, she created her publishing house. Pierre Beyssac is a political activist with a history of fighting for digital rights in various organizations, now mostly focused on the controversial Copyright Directive.

Interviewers: Rico Brouwer, Raymond Johansen, Bailey Lamon
Pirate Parties International,

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