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Pirates: Common charger a win for users and the environment

Strasbourg, 04/10/2022 – Today, Members of the European Parliament approved the outcome of the trilogue negotiations on the Common Charger directive. A strong position of the European Parliament warrants that in addition to mobile phones, the USB Type-C cable will become the common charging port for other small and medium-sized portable electronic devices by autumn 2024, and by spring 2026 for larger ones, as well.

MEP Marcel Kolaja, Member of the responsible Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) and Quaestor of the European Parliament, comments:

“I am pleased that the European Parliament managed to extend the list of devices that will be able to be charged with the same charger. Not only will this greatly simplify the everyday life of consumers, but also, for example, traveling. Nobody wants to carry five different chargers with them. In addition, this will help protecting the environment, since discarded chargers account for 11,000 tons of e-waste a year in the European Union. 

“Further, today’s vote obliges the European Commission to continuously assess the possibility of including other product categories. The directive will be revised for the first time three years after its entry into force and then every five years, taking into account technological progress, consumer convenience and the environment.”

MEP Patrick Breyer from the German Pirate Party comments:

„The EU common charger is an important first step towards electronics that are tailored to the needs of users rather than industry profits. But with a right to repair and the fight against planned obsolescence, many more steps must follow. We Pirates want users to be in control over the technology we use in our daily lives. We need a right to modify and repair devices on our own!”

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