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Request for a council meeting

Dear Board of PPEU,

on behalf of the following Member Parties of PPEU and its delegates the undersigned requests a council meeting according to article 14 (7) of the PPEU – to be held on the 18th and 19th of November 2017 in Prague at Česká pirátská strana, Řehořova 943/19, Praha 3, Czech Republik:

Pirate Party of France

Pirate Party of Switzerland

Pirate Party of Czech Republik

Pirate Party of Norway

Pirate Party of Germany

Pirate Party of Austria

Additionally we propose the agenda provided to you in the annex to this letter.

The mentioned place is already reserved for PPEU. Please send out your invitation by 15.10.2017 at the latest.

For your information PPDE and other parties will take care for further formalities.

On behalf of the above mentioned parties.

Sample Invitation, can be used as one to one copy:

Invitation to the PPEU Council Meeting November 2017

Dear European Pirates,

We would like to invite you to the next council meeting of PPEU. This meeting will be held in Prague on

November 18th and 19th 2017

at Česká pirátská strana, Řehořova 943/19, Praha 3, Czech Republik

The council meeting is the equivalent of the General Assembly for the organization, and at the meeting we will among other things elect a new board, decide on the admittance of observer members and have a discussion on the future direction for our organization. A draft agenda you will find in the annex of this Email.

Other pirates and interested persons are also very welcome to join as guests at the Council meeting.

Socialising events for Friday, 17th and Saturday 18th will be announced in time.


To register for the conference please send an email to and put the organisers in CC ( In the email you should include name, if you are a delegate from a party. If you will attend remotely (via

mumble) please inform as as you will have to hand in another document to very your attendence. This will be taken care of later.

Proposing candidates for the board and putting forth proposals to the Council meeting All ordinary members can put forth candidates to the board of the European Pirate Party and submit items for the agenda of the Council meeting.

Please note that the deadline for board nominations and proposals for statutes changes are 18th of October 2017.



Proposed Agenda:

17.11.2017 – FRIDAY (Inoffical part):


18.11.2017 – SATURDAY (6 hours):

  1. Opening of the meeting (13:00)
    a) Appoint 1 chairperson, 2 secretaries, 2 vote counters
    b) Establishing quorum (13:10)
    c) Adopt rules of procedure & agenda (13:15)
  2. Membership fee requests (delay, partial or total relievance) (13:20)
  3. New members presentation & admission
    a) Ordinary Member
    b) Observer Member
  4. Report be the Board of PPEU Discussion & vote – Future of the organisation
  5. Discussion & vote – Statutes amendments
    Proposal 1: Move to Luxembourg
    Proposal 2: More to Luxembourg plus more

19.11.2017 – SUNDAY

Remaining items from Saturday, if there are any

7. Approval of accounts and reports

8. Board elections

9. Other items

Agenda: //




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