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WANTED: Research and copywriting for a project on control of public funds in CEE

Mikuláš Peksa, Pirate Member of the European Parliament, is looking for a contractor to help with research and copywriting for a project on control of public funds in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tasks include:

  • Research in Czech, English, and preferably an additional language from the CEE region
  • Copywriting both of articles for website and draft supports for social media
  • Follow EU and national policy developments on budgetary control and rule of law
  • Suggest further research questions and possible solutions

We expect:

  • Strong journalistic or academic background (junior level possible)
  • Passion for background research work
  • Autonomy, reliability and ability to work in leading-by-task environment
  • Basic knowledge of the distribution of EU funds, especially in the fields of agriculture and regional policy
  • Basic knowledge of EU and national rules on transparency, accountability, conflict of interest, rule of law, fight against corruption and misuse of public funds
  • Good understanding of the political landscape in the CEE region, especially the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
  • Ability to copywrite in Czech and to communicate in English and preferably an additional language from the CEE region
  • Enthusiasm for protecting public property
  • Basic skills with office tools (including OpenOffice and similar)

We offer:

  • Contractor position for at least 4 months;
  • The contract is set up to be equivalent to part time job (around 50%) with slightly more time needed in September for setting up the project;
  • Salary based on experience and in accordance with Parliamentary regulation;
  • Work on meaningful project in international team with visible results
  • It is quite possible that you will be branded as “traitor” by officials of some of above mentioned countries
  • The whole reward for the project will be around 4 000 Eur: this offer is intended as an entry level for starting journalists/students

Requirements for selection:

  • The applicant will send the necessary documentation by 15th July via mail:
  • The condition for being included in the selection procedure is to send a structured CV and a cover letter explaining why we should choose you for the position. The winner’s CV and cover letter may be published.

Preferred starting date: 1st of September

The nomination team has the right to extend the deadline. The first round is done by evaluating the CV, motivation and previous experience. The second round is carried out in the form of practical verification of the required criteria. The evaluation is carried out by an evaluation committee composed of representatives of the MEP. Third round by personal interview.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Position Requirements 40%
  • Knowledge of basic rules of transparency, accountability and conflict of interest in distribution of public funds 25
  • Overall impression 15%
  • Motivation 15%
  • Experience/Education 15%

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