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We must find a compromise. Pirates in the European Parliament strongly against hard Brexit

Brussel, 14th of October 2020 – The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union at the beginning of this year. Both sides are currently striving to find a functional compromise of future cooperation. Moreover, they agreed to find a viable settlement until the 15th of October. Even though there is a temporary agreement in place, the UK government acted contrary to it, and the European Commission initiated legal action. Overall, Brexit without a deal would lead to higher tariffs and other limitations, which would be extremely unfortunate, especially in times of the pandemic. Therefore, Pirates in the European Parliament call for a feasible compromise between both parties.  

“The negotiations about future cooperation are quite complicated and complex. Moreover, Boris Johnson has shown as an unreliable partner, since he didn’t respect the long term commitments,” stated Vice-President of the European Parliament Marcel Kolaja. “Brexit without a deal would harm the Czech economy, especially the automotive industry. This scenario would mean that Czechia loses 10 billion Czech crowns in the middle of the pandemic. Besides, the reintroduction of tariffs would harm not only the European Union but by far the UK,” said Kolaja.

“Britain’s approach to Brexit agreements is completely insane. I find it utterly irresponsible that Britain is passing laws that directly contradict the Brexit agreement. The citizens of the UK certainly do not want hard Brexit to affect their salaries and lives. The agreement with Britain is still our duty – mainly because of the half of the voters who do not want Brexit at all,” adds Pirate MEP Mikuláš Peksa.

“Meaningful partnerships are based on functional collaboration. Unfortunately, the British remain uncooperative, even though the EU is offering them quite a lot at this moment. I think of British citizens first and foremost. The British government should begin considering their interests as well. Furthermore, they should stop acting self-destructive.” stated the Markéta Gregorová

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