Freedom for Belarus: time is now!


After 26 years, Aljaksandr Lukašėnka is still the President of Belarus. Last week, after election’s results announced by government, he proclaimed himself once again the new President of Belarus.
After months of detains of all major opponents and journalists, unprecedented violences against peaceful and unarmed people asking for freedom of speech, free elections and justice are now in place in all major Belorusians cities.
For the very first time in modern history, people stand united for freedom: strikes all over Belarus, spontaneous rallies, women and men, old and young, protesting together.
We, Pirates, cannot remain silent: we stand with all Belorusians asking the government to immediately stop violence against citizens, to release all people detained for political reasons and to call for new free elections, opened for OCSE and International observers.
Time is now or never. Something has cracked there and Belorusians deserve freedom. They’re not eye blinking at Western. They simply stand in peace for dignity and freedom“, said Alessandro Ciofini (PPIT), Treasurer of European Pirate Party.

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