How to go on?

So the conference in Prague is over – we got a good conversation about PPEU going, including some criticism that was being voiced.

The big breakthrough we had in Prague was a declaration regarding PPEU. Many Pirates sat together for hours to formulate it and the fact that many Pirates have signed it already shows that we are going into the right direction. The biggest challenge lying ahead is to have this declaration ratified by all European Pirate Parties.

For this purpose and regarding further discussions and planning concerning PPEU we would like to ask all European Pirate Parties to appoint at least one Pirate (better two) to serve as a proxy between us Pirates preparing PPEU and the national Pirate Parties. They would help us keep the particular needs of their party in mind and at the same time make sure their boards are updated on what we do.

In a few days we will also start to structure the work that has to be done to prepare PPEU. We will probably set up a few inofficial work-groups. The main topics people want to work on so far are translations, the scope/structure and statutes, the common election program, IT infrastructure and communications, Logo and Corporate Design. Our two Swedish Pirate MEPs can also use a few helping hands!

On the 9th and 10th of June there will be the next real-life meeting where things concerning PPEU will be discussed, this time in Aarau, hosted by the Pirate Party Switzerland. All guests are very welcome to come there. To have an overview of how many Pirates will attend, please write a short email to

Please take a look at (at the bottom for English).

If you are not involved yet and would like to help in the future please write an email to

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