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Invitation to the 1st Annual PPEU Council Meeting Brussels 17/18 July 2015

Dear European Pirates,

The Board for the European Pirate Party would like to invite you to the very first council meeting in the history of our organization. This meeting will be held in Brussels on July 17 and 18 2015. The council meeting is the equivalent of the General Assembly for the organization, and at the meeting we will among other things elect a new board, decide on the admittance of observer members and have a discussion on the future direction for our organization. A draft agenda will be sent out with a second invitation one month before the meeting.

Everybody welcome

Every ordinary member party who are up to date in their membership fee payments are eligible to send delegates to vote at the Council meeting. The number of delegates any member can send to the Council meeting is regulated in the statutes. We will shortly publish instructions on how to pay the membership fees. Delegates from members who’ve fulfilled their membership fee obligations will be able to participate in the council meeting free of charge, and there will also be possibilities to apply for travel reimbursement and accommodation if you are a delegate.
Other pirates and interested persons are also very welcome to join as guests at the Council meeting. For these persons there will be an attendance fee of 30 Euro for the event, to cover the costs. In exchange, nice food will be served.


To register for the conference please send an email to Mattias Bjärnemalm and put the Board in CC. In the email you should include name, if you are a delegate from a party and any food preferences you might have.
If you are a delegate from an ordinary member party and you want travel and accommodation reimbursement you need to register before the 17th of June and include the following information in the email:
  • Full name,
  • Date of birth,
  • Nationality,
  • Type of ID used during your stay (ID/passport)
  • Registration number of that ID
  • Full address of the place of residence,
  • Phone number and email where you can be reached,
You also need to attach a copy of the decision to appoint you delegate for your party (a link to minutes accessible on-line would also do). 
You should also take into consideration that you will need to be present 10:30 at the European Parliament on the 17th of July for a short presentation of the European Parliament to be able to receive any travel reimbursement. Failure to send any of the information listed above before 17th of June or to show up for the presentation will unfortunately make it impossible for us to reimburse your travel. You can still come as a delegate, though.

Proposing candidates for the board and putting forth proposals to the Council meeting

All ordinary members who have fulfilled their member obligations as per art. 7 of the statutes can put forth candidates to the board of the European Pirate Party and submit items for the agenda of the Council meeting. Please note that the deadline for board nominations and proposals for statutes changes are 16th of June.
You can reach  the Board at or, for privacy-sensitive matters, at Practical questions regarding the event should be addressed to Mattias Bjärnemalm.
Kind regards,

the Board of the European Pirate Party

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