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Pirate Party Russia: Putin’s war against Ukraine

Original statement was published by Russian Pirate Party. The translation was done for informative purpose and shall not be considered binding position of Russian Pirates.

Today, on February 24th 2022, at 5:45 am, without an explicit declaration of war, Russian troops attacked a neighbouring country, breached the borders of Ukraine in multiple spots and bombed their cities, including Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Ivano-Frankivsk. Hostile aircraft raids and artillery bombardments may also have been carried out from the Belarusian and Pridnestrovian territories.

This shocking attack on Ukraine almost precisely replicates the events preceding the Second World War: The annexation of Austria Belarus, a puppet government in Spain Kazakhstan, the seizing of the Sudetenland Crimea, breaking the corridor of Gdansk Donetsk People’s Republic, and the final attack on Poland Ukraine at 4:45 5:45 am after bombing the airports.

The attack on Ukraine was carried out despite the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances between Ukraine and Russia, even though the Ukrainian government complied with all the conditions of this memorandum in good faith. Even though the Russian government could not make a single claim against Ukraine regarding the agreement’s implementation, they followed through with the attack. All the responsibility for this aggressive attack on Ukraine falls entirely on Putin’s government.

For eight years, the illegitimate ruler, deputies and senators who were never elected, the utterly incompetent Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense, and all the other ministries, departments, and oligarchs did everything in their power to stop millions of Ukrainians from considering us as brothers. They tried with all their might to finally feel like Ukrainians, develop their own independent culture, create and revive their traditions, create and revive their own – not shared –  heroes and enemies, and prove to the rest of the world that now we are different. After eight years, no matter what Putin and his peers wanted, we have completely lost our connection with the country that had been closest to us.

The Pirate Party of Russia expresses its firm conviction that the entire population of our country, all workers, intelligentsia, the representatives of all classes of society, races, nations, sexes, and genders, will conscientiously do their duties and work. All our people must now be united as never before. All our people must stop the war.

We condemn the war and those who unleashed it, those who contributed throughout all these years to its start, and those who will remain silent. We believe that the Internet will inevitably erase the physical and cultural borders between the representatives of all of Humanity.

We call on the global community and the citizens of Russia and Belarus to avoid the mistakes of the past and strongly condemn, not only in word but also in deeds, the imperialist ambitions of the dictator mentally stuck in a history school book and the aspirations of his puppets.

Our cause is right. The enemy sits in offices and palaces. Victory will be ours!

We gratefully thank to all the volunteers from European Pirate Party who helped with the translation. A minor part of the original message was impossible to translate as it refers to Russian-specific cultural context.

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