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PPEU goes Barcelona

On Sept. 1st / 2nd the Pirates de Catalunya will host the first conference of European pirate parties solely dedicated to the objective of agreeing on draft statutes for the European Pirates, the organization that is to coordinate the policies and electoral campaigns of the pirate movement across Europe.

Over 40 delegates from more than 15 countries all over Europe will attend the conference. It will be of vital importance for the founding of the European Pirate Party early 2013. Core topics include details of structure, membership, and decision making which have been prepared in regular online conferences during the previous months.

The working sessions will take place throughout the weekend on the Citilab premises in Cornellà. Afterwards a series of talks is going to attract public interest in the heart of Barcelona’s centre on Sunday afternoon organized by Pirates de Catalunya:


Birgitta Jónsdóttir: Member of the Icelandic Parliament. Activist and spokesperson for various groups, among them Wikileaks and the International Modern Media Institute. Proponent of the Freedom of Information Act passed in June 2010 and a founding member of the Icelandic Pirate Party. Jónsdóttir will discuss the Icelandic Revolution, the current situation faced by Wikileaks and Julian Assange and what led some of those involved in Iceland’s movement to establish an Icelandic Pirate Party.

Aleks Lessmann: Political director of PP Bavaria and one of the foreign policy leaders of the Pirate Party of Germany, which currently holds 45 state parliament seats and 163 city/municipal council seats, Lessmann will present the German pirates’ vision for Europe. After climbing to 14% in the polls, the Piratenpartei is working towards bringing civic participation to the European elections as well.

Josep Jover: Lawyer and coordinator of the legal group for the 15M movement. He defeated the SGAE (the Spanish MPAA and RIAA) in court, having Spain’s private copying levy declared illegal in October 2010, and had its leadership arrested on corruption charges a year and a half later. He was also the Catalan Pirate candidate in the Spanish general elections. Jover will talk about international cooperation on the European level to protect the rights of citizens of the European Union.

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