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China’s proposal for imposing new national security laws on Hong Kong

Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

Brussels, 25/5/2020 – In reaction to China’s plans to push through sweeping national security laws for Hong Kong pro-democracy activists have called for mass prostests against what they see erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Markéta Gregorová MEP comments:

“The Chinese Communist Party CPP claims that it is defending its territory that was returned from the colonial occupier 23 years ago. This is not about territory; it is about people’s freedom and safety. The newest attempt to subjugate the 7,5 million people of Hong Kong through an oppressive national security law was expected and cannot be tolerated by the EU or any other democracy. The CCP has shown how brutally it deals with dissent on its 25 million Uighurs – and we collectively failed to act then and draw the line. If people in free democracies do not act now and defend one another, the 23,6 million people of Taiwan will be next to be oppressed by the CCP. A policy of economic decoupling from China must be continued. Our European leaders must immediately denounce China’s infringement of international binding agreements and hostile acts towards the peaceful citizens of Hong Kong. Appeasement has failed, deterrence is needed.”

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