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Kolaja: Protection of users is at the heart of the Digital Markets Act

Strasbourg, 15/12/2021 – Today, the European Parliament approves its position on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), introducing changes to rules on digital markets that will fundamentally affect tech giants and users alike.[1] For example, dominant platforms will now have to provide their interfaces to smaller companies, bringing competition back to digital markets. According to the proposal’s shadow rapporteur, Pirate Party MEP Marcel Kolaja, this will facilitate communication for users across social networks.

 Marcel Kolaja MEP, Czech Pirate Party Vice-President of the European Parliament, comments:

“The Digital Markets Act is a really important step for Europe. We can expect that the rules for the European market will also influence digital markets globally, just as it has happened for instance with the rules on data protection. Moreover, the Parliament has sent an important message to the world today. Namely, that the protection of users, their privacy and their right to a fair choice of Internet services is at the very heart of these rules.”

 In particular, obligations for technology corporations to create the basis for cross-platform communication with other providers could fundamentally change the way we use the Internet, says Kolaja, shadow rapporteur of the DMA in the leading Internal Market Committee (IMCO):

“The internal market rules must have consumers’ interest at the very center. And that is particularly important when it comes to provisions on interoperability. With interoperability, we will not be stuck in dominant social networks that monetize our data and target us with commercial offers based on our biggest fears or keep us locked in information bubbles. Therefore, even though I would appreciate clearer wording, interoperability obligations for social networks and interpersonal communication services are great news for consumers. Interoperability will increase digital markets’ contestability enormously.

 “The Parliament sends a strong message to all Internet users, who often do not have another choice than to accept the rules of dominant service providers, that Europe truly is fighting for their right of choice,” Kolaja concludes.

Following today’s approval of the European Parliament’s position by the plenary, the negotiations will move to trilogue with the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. Marcel Kolaja will actively participate in the trialogue as shadow rapporteur of the Digital Markets Act. The new rules should come to effect in about one or two years.


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